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7 अप्रै. 2021

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Sleeptic is a comprehensive app that lets you keep track of the hours you sleep, plan a routine that will help you fall asleep faster and take full advantage of the time you sleep at night. With this app, you'll be able to see your nighttime statistics and wake up the best way possible thanks to its completely customizable alarms.

The first thing you have to do after downloading the app is indicate the number of hours you'd like to sleep and set your wake-up time. This way, Sleeptic creates an alarm for you and notifies you the time you have to go to bed if you want to reach your sleep goals. Indicate the days of the week that you want the app to wake you up and you can add as many alarms as you need. You'll be sure to wake up with energy thanks to its relaxing sounds that will help you make sure you wake up on the 'right side of the bed' and start the day off in a good mood.

One of the great things about using Sleeptic is that you'll be sure to wake up without hitting the snooze too many times thanks to its system that keeps you from oversleeping. The app generates fun games that you have to solve in order to turn off the alarm. There's no excuse and you can't snooze it or cancel it until you solve the puzzle.

Another huge plus to using this app is that you can keep track of your sleep using graphs and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics. You can compare all the data the app collects with real health information that will tell you if you're getting a normal and healthy amount of sleep. You can also add specific information such as illness, travel, and other possible reasons why you may not have slept as well as possible.

Get some rest and analyze your nocturnal patterns to sleep better. Also, enjoy a special alarm that will wake you up and help you sleep as many hours as you need.
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